Online Party

Fed up with Affiliate Programs that require you to sell a certain amount of product each month and charge a sign up fee? Are you a fan of Our Gourmet Pantry mixes and want to make some extra income? We don't blame you! After all, our easy to make dip mixes are the perfect item to have on hand and are not just for making dips!

Our 'Online Party in the Pantry' program is free to set up, easy to do and a great way to make some extra income and earn free products! With just one easy step of emailing an invite to your friends and family list and posting on your social medias, you can earn some easy cash! All you need to do is send a quick email letting us know you want to be a host for our Online Party in the Pantry and we will set you up with an invite you can send to anyone you want through your mailing list and social media accounts. We will send you a code that your guests will use to identify you as the host so you can get credit for each order placed. Your party will run for two weeks and we will send you the money you made from your party via money order or PayPal when your party ends. No minimum sales are required, and you will earn 25% of the sales you generate with your online party. It has never been so easy to make some extra money like we are offering from Our Gourmet Pantry!

In addition, our Rewards program is like no other! Not only do you make money from every order, with just $100.00 in sales you qualify to start earning rewards. You even earn commission on your own order! 

Email the Chef and tell us you want to host an Online Party in the Pantry and we will send you the information so you can start making money today! 

Phone: 925-719-4888